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The Demo Hut
at UC Davis:

A New Approach to Sustainable, Cost-Effective and Climate-Resilient Housing

A demonstration in collaboration with:

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Designing components and homes that are scalable and low carbon, for healthier buildings, people and planet.


Harnessing the latest innovation in home systems and materials to reimagine climate-resilient and efficient construction.


Streamlining the traditional building process by delivering pre-coordinated components for fast assembly with reduced waste.


Deploying proven successful financial structures in new ways to finance projects and build a new path for homeownership equity.

The Approach

There is a dire need for affordable, sustainable, resilient, and healthy housing in California and across the U.S.  180,000 new housing units are needed annually in California, with some projections calling for 1.5-4 million total new units within ten years. 


A collaborative group of builders, designers, and educators have come together to develop and showcase a holistic solution focused on four pillars: Scalable Sustainable Design, Innovative Materials & Systems, Efficient Production & Install, and Inclusive Financing. 


The pilot project on the UC Davis campus is a demonstration unit, modeling many of these concepts and how they could be incorporated into future housing. The design and approach pays homage to the ethos of sustainability, the commitment to innovation, and the spirit of cooperative living, all of which have a rich tradition at UC Davis. 

Visit The Hut

Want to see the hut in person? Schedule a tour with an on-campus guide.

The Demo Hut Structure 

Located at Orchard Park Drive & Blue Ridge Road, Davis, CA

This 400 sq ft building showcases 17 innovative building systems and technologies for efficiency, resilience, and low carbon.

Inclusive Financing:

An innovative, community-focused financing approach.

When it comes to financing development projects, there is a great opportunity to bring more capital efficiency as well as community focus to the equation.  Prof. Keith Taylor of UC Davis Extension explores the Public Benefit Corporation, a not-for-profit entity focused on a new financing and owernship model for building and owning homes, with an emphasis on equity and tenants.

Coming Soon!

Carbon Study

Understanding the embodied energy of homes and building, and its impact on the planet.

In collaboration with design firm Perkins + Will, the Demo Hut's approach to housing is being assessed for the total embodied energy, or carbon footprint, of the project to ensure it meets our goals of optimal sustainability - not just affordability and climate resilience.

Coming Soon!
Carbon Life Cycle Chart

Image Credit: Perkins & Will Architects

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